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The vineyard is situated in the mountainous region of Serranía de Ronda, on a high plain (approx.780m) that dominates the valley and features the village of Arriate in the background. It enjoys a very good climate: high temperatures and with a great differentiation between the daily maximum and minimum.

A small vineyard for Great Wines

Vetas was founded on a small estate, with 1 ha for wine cultivation surrounding the winery. It’s an ecologically friendly vineyard, with organic practices that respect the natural environment: we use traditional working methods and natural fertilizers, free of any types of pesticide, herbicide or chemical fungicide.

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The varieties

The principal variety we use is Petit Verdot, which Juan Manuel Vetas (winemaker) knows perfectly. It is a variety from Bordeaux, where he studied it, and then pioneered its introduction in Spain; specifically in Cortijo Las Monjas, in Ronda in 1991. With this variety we also cultivate Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in the vineyard.


The Man

Juan Manuel Vetas was born in Avila and then emigrated to France in order to be integrated into the word wine: Medoc (Bordeaux), where he worked, has various prestigious Chateaux. At the end of the eighties, he returned to Spain with a project to pioneer the cultivation of a vineyard in Ronda. He was working with the famous Prince Von Hohenlohe. Later he went on to receive other prestigious international awards and at the end of the nineties, he decides to create a winery with his name: “Vetas”. At this time his motivation was to increase the profile of Ronda´s Wine. He planted the equivalent of 70% of vineyards in this area and acted in an advisory role to most of the important wineries. He encouraged them to have their own identity stamp: wines with their own character, all of them different, natural and in harmony with the local environment.


The result

Bodega Vetas has created 3 wines: one ‘Seleccion’ with the varieties: Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and completed with Petit Verdot and the other: 100 % Petit Verdot. This is only produced when the grape is perfect. Both wines are organic and traditionally created. These wines are allowed to age slowly both in the barrel and the bottle. They have great personality and complexity and can be consumed and enjoyed beyond 10 years.
The third wine is Junior, a tribute to the fruit with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot and aged for 8 months in French oak barrels.

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Visit our winery in Ronda

Bodega Vetas not a wine factory, but a humble place where we seek to pursue
quality and where produce the best wines.



Bodega Vetas offers the possibility to share with us a visit to the winery and discover the magic of the Wines from Ronda . Tasting our wines and meet the characteristics of this area.

- Visit and taste Tariff
OPTION 1: Junior o Rosé, Junior PV y Selección 15€
OPTION 2: Junior o Rosé, Selección y Petit Verdot 22€
OPTION 3: Rosé, Junior, Junior PV, Selección y Petit Verdot 28€
- Visit, taste and food pairing 3 wines, cheese and sausages +4€
- Visit with lunch or dinner*
4 disches y 3 wines (Junior, Junior PV y Selección) 40€
4 disches y 4 wines (Junior, Junior PV, Selección y Petit Verdot) 45€

*The lunch or dinner is for minimum 5 pax. and 3 days before the booking


Contact Us

Located in a rural area, near the Malaga municipality of Arriate,
It is our small estate and here we expect them to show our treasures.

Address: Camino Nador "El Baco" - 29350 - Arriate (Málaga)

Tel: +34 647 177 620

GPS: 36.789272, -5.122574

EMAIL: info @ bodegavetas.com

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